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How we work
Providing organisations with real and effective training solutions is important to us at arc-en-ciel. When we provide designed training packages, we make sure they are the best possible 'fit' with the organisation's needs. And with years experience in the training field we often design customised training programmes to suit the clients we work with.

Some of our courses...
  • Coaching for performance (developing skills to coach others)
  • Communicating with the media (press, radio and TV communication)
  • Presentation skills (all levels: terrified - beginners - advanced)
  • Influential communication (getting your message across powerfully)
  • Confident Communication (looking, sounding and acting confidently)
  • Springboard (an award winning women's development programme)
  • Make it happen (an in-depth personal development programme)
  • Creative leadership (leadership skills for high performance)

This is just a flavour of some of the training we do with organisations - and there are many more examples. To know more and discuss the possibilities, you need to talk to us, so make contact now: call 020 8979 6159 or email E:

Rainbow House . 8 Coombe Crescent . Hampton . Middlesex . TW12 3PD
T: 020 8979 6159   E: