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inspired training
Training and coaching others to communicate
At arc-en-ciel almost all of our work is about supporting and helping people communicate more effectively and more powerfully with others. We can:

  • help people overcome the barriers that prevent them communicating well
  • support people learning new communication skills
  • encourage people to be more powerful and influential

  • Whatever your current skills, we can help you, or your employees in these ways:

    Preparing for an important presentation, or meeting
    We all face situations where we want to get our message across more effectively. At arc-en-ciel we are used to helping people achieve this at all levels.

    Communicating with Press, Radio or TV
    At arc-en-ciel, we know that dealing with any form of media can feel daunting, especially when you have to deliver under time pressure. With Martin's wide experience as a presenter and reporter both with the BBC & the Guardian, we have the media expertise to help you deal with these challenges.

    Writing more effectively
    Powerful and effective written communication is an art that can be learned and coached - from press releases, articles and even books. At arc-en-ciel we are used to helping people become effective writers.

    Motivational talks and presentations
    In addition, we deliver inspired talks, or motivational presentation to your team, or organisation on a range of subjects.

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