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What is coaching?
It is an on-going professional relationship that could help you enhance the quality of your life. It centres on where you are now and where you might want to be in the future. Coaching can be used as a vehicle to improve careers and working life; to promote good health and wellbeing; to work on relationship issues or decision making.

Coaching you as an individual…..
Coaching can be done face to face, by phone or by e-mail - or any combination. Those who prefer flexibility often find that coaching over the phone allows both flexibility and access. A telephone based coaching package consists of:
  • an initial session: a general review to identify goals and challenges
  • regular (usually 3 per month) shorter sessions (30-40 minutes) focusing on
          the client's agenda
  • e-mail support on a regular basis
  • a commitment to work together for 6 sessions plus initial session

  • At arc-en-ciel, face to face coaching includes six two hour sessions over an acceptable period.

    Coaching managers to coach ….
    The workplace is changing and good managers are developing new skills to encourage learning, creativity and achieve higher performance. A manager's ability to coach their staff to be proactive and solution focussed will be essential in changing organisations. At arc-en-ciel, we are experienced in coaching and training managers to become excellent coaches.

    Coaching teams…
    How do you realise the potential of teams with all their complexities and joys? The investment of time and energy to form an effective team can be considerable - and so much can go wrong (and right)!

    At arc-en-ciel, we have coached many teams from fundraising project teams to high performance sports teams, and most recently the BBC's 'Other Boat Race' Oxford crew. As team coaches we facilitate the creation of a vision and develop the energy and motivation of each member to achieve it.

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