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Martin Cross

Why I do this work
Building and developing relationships is a continual source of inspiration for me; that goes for 'one to one', or working with groups. I like to put a lot of myself into what I do. My inspirations are many - some of them are: family life, competitive sport and the highs of becoming Olympic Champion, through to the emotional challenge of a mid-life crisis. And that's just for starters!

I'm a great believer in 'What you sow, you shall reap', so it's important to find ways of creating a positive dynamic in all my relationships. I strive to develop my own awareness and integrity, while being challenging, supportive and empathic.

I've had extensive experience in the fields of personal development, education, coaching, broadcasting and writing. I work in private, public and voluntary sectors, with an extensive range of clients. In 2004, a flavour of those I helped ranges from Olympic Athletes, through Coca-Cola's management to staff at the BBC. It was heartening to receive so many thanks and praise for my recent role as a coach in BBC TV's 'The Other Boat Race'.

After completing my degree and Post Graduate teaching course. I combined a career as a teacher and Senior Manager with a life in high performance sport. During that time, I qualified in counselling skills, later becoming an accredited rowing coach. My autobiography, Olympic Obsession, was published to critical acclaim in 2001.

What people have said about Martin:

'It's just inspiring to have someone like Martin as a coach.'
Helen Atkinson-Wood, Actress

'Martin has got a holistic approach to coaching. He's one of those people you want to impress.'
Anna Botting, Sky newsreader

'Martin, like all great leaders has got that far away distant look in his eyes, looking to distant peaks.'
Jonathan Aitken, Former Cabinet minister

'He believes in what at first I thought was this wishy-washy, touchy feely kind of new age approach to coaching but actually, it's turned out to be really effective.'
Toby Young, Author & Columnist

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